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Final political document of the National Political Committee of 7/8 November 2015 

The National Political Committee reiterated the need to continue on the path of revival of political activity of the Italian  Communist Refoundation Party and the construction of a left and anti-neoliberal alternative to the Democratic Party and the government Renzi.
The revival and strengthening of the party, from recovery pride and sense of belonging to the Communist Refoundation and the role it has played and plays “towards obstinate and contrary”, has nothing to conservative nor bureaucratic but stems from the awareness that there is more need than ever of the contribution of Communists and Communists to oppose global capitalism, the growth of inequality, the emptying of the social gains and democratic, the spread of wars, xenophobia, racism.
The major difficulties encountered in recent years there have folded, and in recent months we have registered positive signs of vitality and recovery. This tell us about the extraordinary result of the campaign of 2 per thousand combined to the excellent result of the Feasts of Liberation, and in particular of the national one, which are a strong encouragement to generalize in all areas and at all levels the commitment to revival of the party in terms of organization, processing, training and social roots.
The National Political Committee calls on all party structures maximum effort and maximum mobilization in the campaign ” The money is there “, with ‘ target of making socially and politically perceived the PRC on that content and those buzzwords. It is a long-term campaign, which does not end in a few weeks, or it comes to making recognizable our political proposal, at least as it was the 35-hour, on the social level.
We must be clear that the party reveals that the crisis , whose dramatic effects visited upon the working classes, it is not given by scarcity, but it is a crisis of excess production capacity, to an unprecedented concentration of wealth and power in a few hands. Explain that “The money is there” means counter the hegemony of the causes of the crisis that has been imposed as common sense and dominant narrative, and at the same time concrete proposals that speak to the condition of our social subjects of reference. Exit from the policies of austerity and sacrifice is possible, but only by challenging the neo-liberal policies pursued by the EU and Italian governments.
The building, of a political and social that make us recognizable and identifiable as participation and ‘internità movements and struggles, he must go hand in hand with continued revival also organization of our party. In recent months, in implementation of the last Conference Organization, we have taken the first steps forward since the establishment of the office organization that has taken a systematic reorganization and verification in connection with the regional and provincial party following objectives defined in the document “We share” approved by management last September. We are aware that many still are the steps to building a party with the tasks and the project of Communist Refoundation.
There are, today, the conditions to relaunch also on the accession to the party and the membership: this year has been achieved the goal of distributing 20,000 cards paid by the local structures, and on the occasion of this National Political Committee we started the distribution of cards in 2016. The goal is to close on 31 December membership in 2015 by starting immediately and with maximum momentum to the membership in 2016 with the determination to achieve a turnaround and the increase in subscribers.
Rifondazione Comunista should continue and strengthen its efforts in conflict and social struggles, and through the presence concrete and through social practices mutual grown in recent years in different territories. Our intuitions about the “social party” came today in widespread awareness of the left and represent a heritage which must be generalized and raised.
Another crucial aspect of our policy is the construction of a left and anti-neoliberal alternative to the Democratic Party to be able to answer the question alive, although fragmented, unity and effective opposition to the neoliberal policies of austerity, one question that comes to most people who continue to feel the left, but mostly from the working classes and working classes that are subject too long of a systematic attack.
The document ” We have, we launch the challenge “ , which calls for a national assembly in January 15-16-17 open, is an important step in the direction of the allegations made ​​by the Communist Refoundation in these years, often in solitude: the forces of the left parties to move it from the document sharing exhaustion and failure of the season of the center. Our proposal to build a political unit and the plural left highly independent and alternative to the Democratic Party is beginning to become a reality. We reiterate, as we are concerned, that this plant lives regardless of the electoral law and its changes. For us, the left is an alternative to the Democratic Party because it does not agree with the policies. Do not feel like orphans of a center that produced the renzismo as the terminal phase of a long genetic mutation.
The document “We are, we launch the challenge” to be considered, therefore, as a starting point. Communist Refoundation is committed to the development of such a path in the direction of the full involvement of stakeholders and social forces, of areas as large as possible of movements and societies that daily struggle and build alternative experiences, participation and inclusiveness; the placement of the plural subject that we intend to build within the Gue and the European Left; characterization of a strong alternative to the Democratic Party. If we are aware of the articulation of positions and different sensitivities present, we are also aware of how much our political coordinates are potentially majoritarian left. The commitment of the whole party in the unification process is essential to determine a positive development and a character of radical alternative. We are convinced that this process should take a broad and popular characterization, which aims to rebuild a web of social practices that are settled in the territory after the suburbs, also to prevent the right-wing populism, reconstructions and practices that do not stop and do not act only in institutional places.
The left is reconstructed primarily on the streets, in the neighborhoods, in the workplace and everyday life.
In this sense the continuity and consistency with the policy conference of Perugia, with regard to strengthening and revitalization PRC together with the aim of building a broader left, subsidiary and alternative to the Democratic Party continues to be the compass of our political initiative.
We believe in this important transition directly involve members and party members on the outcome of our work and – in light of what happened – propose to continue, according to the coordinates choices to Congress, asking for a review of the mandate he received at the conference. In the congress of Perugia we put at the center of the knot of recognized democracy and members, stressing that our objective was to engage the body of the party in the relevant passages and not only in the conference schedule. Therefore, we propose aconsultation of members and members of the PRC .
The National Political Committee then called to express themselves in the consultation on the following text:
“Our goal is to place at the center, in continuity and in implementation of the policy established at the Congress of Perugia, the way of strengthening and revitalization of the Communist Refoundation Party and the building through a unified process, participatory and democratic, the new party of the left in Italy. This process which will see the first positive stage in the notice of the meeting of 15/17 January 2016 convened on the basis of the document “We are, we launch the challenge” should be aimed at building a unified entity and the plural of the anti-liberal left, clearly alternative to pd and placed in Europe as part of the GUE and the European Left ”
The consultation will take place in the period December 1 to 19 through the organization and holding of active local members and the members of the single circle or circles convened jointly. Federations are responsible for ensuring that all facilities are activated. You have the right to vote who has the card 2015. Using the appropriate forms provided by national sponsors – indicated by Federations – record the vote (for, against, abstentions), and blatant show of hands, and will make a report overall outcome.


Document approved with 53 votes in favor. The document with the petitioner Azzolini has obtained 20 and what he had as first signatory Bellotti 3. Abstentions 4.