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Anti communists are always branding communists as genocides  and misleading the peoples with false propaganda. They believe in Goebbels, the facts are not true,  But who is really genocides, look into …..


Rwandan GenocideMost Americans today think that communism has been one of the most genocidal ideologies in human history. Many are misinformed by anti-communist propaganda stating that we have killed over 100 million people when in fact this is not true remotely. I will save that for another time today we are here to discuss the deaths caused by capitalism.

In India when the English colonized India in the 19 century they tried to make it as profitable as possible this included making the Indian farmers switch from food production to cotton production this lead to a massive famine that killed 30 million people in India.

While in America we were undergoing one of the best examples of ethnic cleansing to date. The forced removal of the Native Americans from their homelands resulted in over 14 million people dying and the rest forced to live on reservations. All this done because a need for raw resources, required more land.  All those keeping track at home this brings the count to 44 million dead and we haven’t even got into the 20th century.

An examination of imperial Russia shows that because of a lack of modernization and greedy hoarding done by capitalist and nobles lead to routine famine called the “hungry years” leading to countless deaths and starvation. This continued until the 1920-1930 through which the collectivization of agriculture by Soviet Union lead to less deaths and ended widespread starvation. When China was under the Qing dynasty, British merchants illegally sold opium. A 3 year long war resulted which ended in China’s defeat. This left hundreds of thousands dead the results of the war lead to Te Tai Ping rebellion. A famine later happened due to the countless fighting, corruption and bad weather again this death toll is incalculable.

The exploitation of the African people who due to the domination of foreign governments where second-class citizens in their own country. When African nations finally became independent from imperialist rule the Europeans left Africa in a “cookie cutter” state. Meaning that nations where drawn out on a map without consideration of the local ethnicity. Which lead to many civil wars including the famous one in Rwanda where 800,000 lost their lives due to imperialist favoritism. The international world did nothing to stop this atrocity.

In Yugoslavia with lack of care from the international world the government collapsed due to pressure put on them by the World Bank and the IMF lead to war within the country. Now this article leaves out many things that also happened under capitalist rule that is because it is nearly impossible to figure out the total death toll if you may know any more events please feel free to comment.

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