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The intolerable

Faced with repeated attacks on democracy promoted by sectors that should watch over it – the judiciary and the MPF installments – in concert with conservative politicians and the media, Professor Laymert Garcia dos Santos asks: “We know that in Brazil there are not terrorists and we know who wins with the criminalization of the left. We know, therefore, who want destabilization. Therefore, in addition to the defense of an elected President and a former President hunted unjustly, is concerned the defense of democracy and sovereignty. Means: the construction of the future. Hence, the question: Let’s continue tolerating the intolerable? “.

The question was put on the text (below) written for theBrazilianObservatory and presented in the speech of the author (video at the end of the text) in the launching ceremony of the “Open Letter to the International Academic Community” (yesterday at the University of São Paulo), which also had the presence of Marilena Chaui, Marcio Sotelo Felippe, Alfredo Bosi, Ruy Fausto, Reginaldo Nasser and Heloisa Buarque de Almeida. Video with the intervention of these teachers will be published on this page. It will soon be available English version of the article below.


The Intolerable

Laymert Garcia dos Santos

Now that the government Temer died before he was born;

Now, we know that Lula process should not go back to Curitiba;

Now, the attorney Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima, spokesman Lava Jato, admitted that “[…] governments that are being investigated, the PT governments, […]” are the ones who come to the case;

Now that patents were all irregularities and illegalities committed by the Task Force of Curitiba since 2006, so from the earliest beginnings of Lava Jet officially triggered in 2014.

Now, workers, social movements, students, intellectuals and artists gave body and voice to the cry of “There will not be hit”, adding ever more intensely complement “Go fight”;

Now, that was already clear to God and the world, both here and out there, that democracy is in danger and that the state of exception is setting and revoking the rule of law, such great are the recurring violations of the Constitution of 88;

Now, the growing consensus “Outside Cunha”;

Now that even major media outlets seem to land the blow, although having it promoted and defended tooth and nail – not for the sake of legality, of course, but constatarem their theoretical and practical impossibility;

Now, that was cracked the sacrosanct image of vigilante Sergio Moro, revealing the figure of the despotic will;

Maybe it’s time to ask, do not have peace and we can return to our affairs, but that setup will take the strategy of destabilization of Brazil, from the point we arrived.

You have to bury once and for all the idea that the process was initiated one day or has the effective goal to end corruption. For an ultra-selective fight against corruption, which leaves out a multitude of thieves to cry freely and with impunity “Stop thief!” Pointing to Lula, Dilma and the PT can not be minimally taken seriously.

And if the judiciary – particularly the dome of the Federal Public Ministry – as well as sectors of the Federal Police, are only apparently fighting corruption, what they are doing?

Several indications, actions, statements strongly suggest that it is destabilizing the country at any price. Price, by the way, at this point, it is very high if we take into account 1) the commitment of key branches of the productive sector, particularly energy, infrastructure and defense, with reverberations throughout the economy; 2) the creation of an immense social crisis, with its procession of unemployed and the threat of regression in the most vulnerable part of the population to subhuman levels we thought definitely overcome; 3) last, but not least, the demoralization of the institutions, starting with a bandit Parliament, political parties venal and grotesques, judges and prosecutors enxovalham laws in the name of spurious values.

Who cares such destabilization planned and rigorously enforced? Surely, Sergio Moro and his attorneys are only operators of a crime against homeland; nor the federal police are more than performers. Of course, the coup media, opposition parties, fascist movements continuously stimulated, FIESP, the OAB, useful innocent and the opportunists, including the government hosts are actors involved in disaster production, each segment operating at their way. And it can be considered that, because of their immobility and lack of initiative, the government itself Dilma and PT contributed involuntarily, until recently, with destabilization.

The silence of the military is remarkable, even when important interests of defense, that affect them directly, are injured. But what does your non-leadership? If it is true that Lula was not kidnapped and taken by force to Curitiba because of discreet interference Aeronautical Police in Congonhas, there would be an indication that its role as guarantor of the established order follows intact?

It remains, then, the Judiciary dome. Excluding the known positions of Gilmar Mendes, who provide comments, it is disturbing to note that it is not known for sure which way the Supreme Court is going to move, with a view to issuing contradictory signals and the doubts raised as to predominant role of the court, if the Constitutional Court or Court of Appeal.

More serious still is the action and the words of Attorney General Rodrigo Janot.Tracking and mapping out the game unfold in different chess boards of the crisis, the journalist Luis Nassif realized clearly that the Federal Public Ministry was the “High Command” of the coup. The designation is extremely strong, but there are reasons for the use of the term. Among them, the unexplained visit Janot to the Department of Justice in Washington to lead the American authorities documents on Petrobras; his appetite to investigate Aécio Neves; his uncompromising defense of Moro and the Task Force Lava jet, despite the illegalities committed; his delay to report Cunha by the Supreme Court, giving this all the time for stirring up the House of Representatives against the Dilma government; and finally their permission for Live disclose illegal clips of President of talks with Lula, Minister Jacques Wagner with Rui Falcão and lawyers of the former president.

The mapping Nassif gives intelligibility to the destabilization and, above all, the role of the High Command. But over time, and the publication of posts, is the impression that the journalist was startled by his own discovery and went on to explain the conduct of Janot and prosecutors under the exclusive viewpoint of ” corporatism “. Thus, the Federal Public Ministry does not share the logic that moves the other scammers protagonists, as they would be more interested in the power struggle than in fighting corruption, obsession that the MPF supposedly wants to fulfill, “matter who gets hurt.”

We came back, so the crusade against corruption. But if it is selective and the entire Brazilian society is already paying a steep price for Lava jet makes sense to believe Janot? If we know who loses destabilization, would not ask who wins it? It is as if the logic of Lava Jato obey the strategy of absolute disqualification from Brazil on the global stage, under the BRICS, in the Mercosur and in the eyes of Brazilians; that is to say: to the country’s reduction strategy to a neocolonial condition. Destabilization seeks to impracticability of Brazil as a country. Moreover, the strategy does not seem to have been drawn here, in that it repeats and recovery methods, procedures and legal technologies, law enforcement and policies of the US state terrorism in their war against the countries “enemies”, especially those who hold sovereignty in terms of energy and, therefore, need to be “neutralized.” The strategy seeks to criminalize the government Dilma, Lula, the PT and all those who resist the implementation of neoliberal and neocolonial agenda equating them to “terrorists” that need to be eliminated from the political scene. The strategy follows the logic of land razed, preferably carried out by the indigenous themselves, without direct foreign intervention and without military interference. An undeclared war in the “gray area” where local vigilantes do the dirty work, handling the exception of state weapons and in line with the coup media, triggering informational pumps calculated impact on public opinion and on institutions.

Live and prosecutors Curitiba are the soldiers of destabilization. Janot and prosecutors in Brasilia are the High Command. They form the backbone of a political destruction device as a form of collective understanding. Trained in workshops and seminars by experts in “cooperation”, learned the new legal technologies, policies and police of “counter-terrorism”, imported and implemented the strategy of chaos. And we can not even claim that we were not warned: Snowden in 2013, had revealed the staples of the NSA against Dilma and against Petrobras; but we do not know if that espionage was found in the oil provided material for Lava jet. On the other hand Wikileaks informs that Live and prosecutors enthusiastically participated in, since in October 2009, a conference in Rio de Janeiro, which called for training to American Counter-Terrorism Coordination – multijuridicional training, practical, including demonstrations on how to preparing a witness to testify. In the words of the leaked document: “Future Training should focus on areas such as task force on financial crimes, which may prove the best way to fight terrorism in Brazil.”

We know that in Brazil there are not terrorists and we know who wins the criminalization of left. We know, therefore, who want destabilization. Therefore, in addition to the defense of an elected President and a former President hunted unjustly, is concerned the defense of democracy and sovereignty. Means: the construction of the future. Hence, the question: Let’s continue tolerating the intolerable?

(*) Laymert Garcia dos Santos is Titular Professor of the Department of Sociology at the University of Campinas – Unicamp