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The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met at New Delhi
on May 29 & 30, 2016. It has issued the following statement:

The BJP government had conducted a gaudy celebration of the completion of
two years in office making many bombastic claims.

These two years have confirmed that a new `trimoorti? is being sculpted.
Its three faces represent the following: one, the relentless pursuit of
aggressive communal polarization in the effort to transform the secular
democratic character of the Indian Republic into the RSS version of a
rabidly intolerant fascistic `Hindu Rashtra?; two, the pursuit of the
neo-liberal trajectory of economic reforms, more aggressively than pursued
by the UPA government, imposing unprecedented burdens on the vast majority
of our people; and three, increasing recourse to authoritarian measures
undermining the institutions of parliamentary democracy and running
roughshod over democratic rights and civil liberties.

As far as the majority of the Indian people are concerned, there is an
economic disaster rather than any cause for celebrations.
*        Six year low for new jobs in eight labour-intensive industries. In
2015, official figures reveal that only few new jobs were created in the
country as against the promise of creating two crores of new jobs annually.
Every year, over 1.3 crore of Indian youth join the job market
*        Worst decline in exports in 63 years – decline for 17 months in a
*        Core inflation of 6.8 per cent, Dal prices rise by more than 30 per
*        Annual core sector growth of only 2.7 per cent, a decade low
*        2,997 farmers committed suicide in 2015, 116 farmers in
January-March 2016
*        MGNREGA payments not made, arrears paid after Supreme Court orders
*        Rural wages decline in real terms in a decade
*        Savings bank deposits growth at a 53 year low
*        NPAs of banks more than Rs 13 lakh core and growing
*        27 per cent zero-balance Jan Dhan accounts, 33 per cent duplicate
*        New and more taxes, surcharges and cesses on items used by the
On top of this, the agrarian distress is worsening.  The Modi government
promised ?minimum of 50 per cent profits over cost of production?.

*        Profitability down to less than 10 per cent, and in some crops,
into losses
*        Agriculture and allied sector grew at -0.2 per cent  in FY15 & 1.1
per cent in FY16
*        Foodgrains production dropped by 5 per cent in FY15, to decline
further in FY16

Severe Drought Situation
*        12 states were declared drought-hit only after Supreme Court?s
orders. Overall,  54 crore people in 13 states are suffering in the grip of
*        25 per cent of India?s rural inhabitations face drinking water
The unprecedented drought situation has resulted in the death of thousands
of poor people and lakhs of livestock.  Immediate relief must be provided to
the suffering people.  Despite the Supreme Court intervention, nothing
tangible is being done by the Central government.
The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) demands that the sufferings of the people
must be mitigated on a war footing.

Sharpening Communal Polarisation

The RSS-BJP are, once again, resorting to whipping up communal passions in
the run up to the forthcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh in 2017.
It is reported that the Bajrang Dal has been organizing arms training camps
in several parts of the state.  This is clearly an exercise  to provoke
communal conflicts and tensions and reap the consequent electoral gains from
such polarization.  Such efforts are an expression of the worst ?vote bank
politics? seeking the consolidation of the Hindutva communal vote bank at
the expense of  weakening the unity of India?s social fabric.  The Polit
Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns such activities and demands that both
the Central government and the UP state government take strong action in
accordance with the law of the land.
Racial Attacks against the People of African Origin
The reports of increasing violence resulting in the death of people of
African origin living in India is a matter of grave concern.  That such
grievous attacks take place in the national capital of Delhi is, indeed,
shameful.  Such racist attacks undermine the centuries old relationship
between India and the African countries. This has already assumed the
dimension of affecting diplomatic ties between India and the African
The Central government must immediately intervene to ensure that stringent
action is taken against the culprits and those propagating racist hatred.
This is absolutely essential to prevent the further downslide in the
international image of India.

Elections to the State Assemblies

The CPI(M) state committees in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamilnadu and  Assam are
scheduled to meet to prepare a detailed review of the CPI(M)?s performance
in the elections and the post election political situation arising in these
states.  On the basis of these review reports prepared by the state
committees, the Central Committee will conduct its review at its forthcoming
meeting from June 18-20.
With regard to the electoral tactics pursued by the CPI(M) in various
states, the electoral tactics evolved in West Bengal was not in consonance
with the Central Committee decision based on the political-tactical line of
the Party which states that there shall be no alliance or understanding with
the Congress party.

Post-Declaration of Result Violence

The Trinamool Congress has unleashed widespread violence against the cadres
of the opposition parties.  Many CPI(M) cadres have been murdered and over
600 CPI(M) and mass organization offices have been ransacked and some set on
fire.  Apart from targeting the offices of all opposition parties and mass
organizations, the attacks specifically focus on constituencies and areas
where Trinamool Congress lost in these elections.  Widespread  bomb attacks,
arson and extortions of huge amounts of money as ransom are being reported.
Those who voted against the Trinamool Congress are reportedly coerced into
paying a hefty fine for having exercised their  democratic choice.
Under these circumstances, the CPI(M) calls upon the people of West Bengal
to unitedly resist this murder of democracy and civil liberties in the
state.  The strength of the people?s unity is the answer to meet this
unprecedented unleashing of violence.


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) salutes the people of Kerala for reposing
faith in the LDF in a resounding manner in these Assembly elections.  The
LDF government has assumed office with a resolve to fulfill the commitments
that it made to the people of Kerala during the polls.
The physical attacks by the RSS against the CPI(M) and the LDF continue.
Forty one such attacks have already taken place since the results were
declared. Two comrades have lost their lives, with Sasikumar, who was
seriously injured in an attack at Engandiyoor in Thrissur on 22nd May
succumbing to his injuries on May 27.  82 comrades have been injured in
these brutal attacks including an elected MLA who has now been sworn in as a
The CPI(M) calls upon the RSS/BJP to respect the verdict of the people and
desist from such murderous onslaughts.